New node pez048 & B510 update

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A new node called pez048 has been added to the cluster. Its characteristics has been selected in order to boost shared memory jobs. This node has 2 CPU AMD EPYC 7451, each one with 24 cores (48 threads). Unlike the rest of the nodes, threads are enabled due to every thread owns a FPU. Also, at tests with enabled threads have been proved that there are no bottlenecks. Moreover, the node has an amount of 512 GB of RAM DDR4 at 2.6 GHz.

In order to use it, a new partition called HM has been created. Also, its corresponding development partition (HM-dev) has been created.

If you need to know additional specs about this node feel free to ask for it.

On the other side, B510 partition has been updated with the addition of 4 nodes (pez0[17-18] & pez0[33-34]).

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