Access Information

First of all please check Getting Started section.

Available Resources

To see which are the available resources of HPC CIMNE services see Computing Resources. Also you can see the use of HPC resources at or

Access Policies

You must agree entirely with our AUP. Please check it here (only in spanish).


Users authenticate via standard Unix passwords secured under a Secure Shell tunnel.

Using SSH

Secure Shell is the only login method for HPC CIMNE services. You can use SCP and SFTP to transfer files over other places, or X forwarding to execute graphical applications.

Login Nodes

Whenever you log in to Acuario cluster, you are placed onto a login node. These nodes are dedicated to serving interactive activities such as file editing, launching batch jobs, compiling, file transfer, debugging and other short duration activities. At any one time, there may be multiple users on a login node.

These nodes should not be used to run parallel and/or production jobs! By doing so, you may seriously degrade the performance of other’s interactive work. Be sure to use nodes designated for interactive or batch production work to run jobs.

At this moment there are only one login node named hpc0.

File Transfers

Files may be transferred using SCP, SFTP or other file transfer methods that use port 22. We recommend using FileZilla Client.

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