Editors, Compilers & Tools

  • GCC: GNU C, C++ & Fortran compilers v5.4.0, v6.3.0 & v7.1.0 (available with module)
  • Intel Cluster Studio XE 2013: icc & ifort compilers v14 (available with module)
  • Valgrind (Open MPI support) v3.10
  • GNU Make v3.82
  • CMake v3.8.2 (available with module)
  • Python v3.6.1 with numpy v1.31.1 & scipy v0.19.1 (available with module)
  • Clang v3.9.1 (available with module)
  • VIM (and gVIM) v7.4.160
  • GNU Emacs v24.3
  • GNUPlot v4.6.2
  • Kratos (updated daily) (available with module)


  • OpenMPI v2.1.1 (available with module)
  • Intel MPI Library v4.1u3 (available with module intel/clusterStudioXE2013)
  • MKL v11.1u2 (available with module intel/clusterStudioXE2013)
  • Blas v3.4.2
  • Lapack v3.4.2
  • PAPI v5.2
  • boost v1.61.0-b1 & v1.64.0 (available with module)
  • metis v5.1.0 (available with module)
  • parmetis v4.0.3 (available with module)
  • VTK v7.1.1 (available with module)
  • PETSc v3.7.6 (available with module)

Operating System

Scientific Linux 7.2 (Based on RedHat Enterprise 7.2)

Resource Manager and Job Scheduler

Slurm v15.08.11